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I’m nearly two weeks in and still going strong on my no nail biting pledge. My $13 is still safely stowed away in the mosaic pumpkin head on my bookshelf. As for the drinking, I did break that one on Sunday. It was debate night. Could you blame me?

As I’ve stated before, I’m not an alcoholic. But, I did like to drink a little too much. More like a “find any excuse to crack open a brew” kind of too much. Making dinner? Better grab a couple of beers. Kids driving me crazy? A cold one would help that. Trying to write? What could go wrong if I sucked down a couple of PBRs? I just wanted to stop it now before it became a crutch, or even worse, the legs upon which I stand.

Thanks to the chaos of the second presidential debate, I had to calm my anger with a couple of cold ones. The string of stupidities coming out of Trump’s mouth within the first 15 minutes of the broadcast had me nearly shaking. But, after two beers, I hung it up again. I just wasn’t that interested in going any further, even when Trump said he’d use taxpayer money to prosecute his political rival. You know, real fascist stuff.

I’m honestly surprised that I haven’t gone back to nail biting. I’ve at least tripled my political tweet output (that’s not an official number, so don’t hold me to it). I’m picking fights with lots of Trump supporters. It’s too easy, really. That’s why I’m doing it, I guess. They can be triggered at the drop of a hat, have few facts to back up their claims that come from the Fox News List of Disproven Outrage, and break down quick and call me names and make fun of my kids. I don’t get mad at them anymore. It’s just … fun.

There been quite a change in the two weeks since…

That’s not good.

I’ll have to add politics to my habit list soon, I think. But, I’ve got to conquer this nail biting first. I’m still having to consciously tell myself to not bite my nails. Plenty of times I catch myself the side of my finger against my teeth. It’s not hard to fight the temptation; it’s more annoying than anything else. Trust me, that looming fear of having to give money to Donald J. Trump has been enough for me. Shame the election doesn’t last a little longer so I could use it for something out.

Nope, scratch that. Bad idea.