If you’re reading this, then you must know that the end has come. Okay, perhaps I shouldn’t start this off that way. It sounds more like a suicide note than a post of good intentions.

Today, as you read this, I am on my way to New Jersey with Greg Hayhurst of the recently suspended 500 Words On… blog for some much needed creative inspiration. More like some Kevin Smith inspiration.

That’s all I’m going to say about that for now.

However, I am not here to announce my love fest for Kevin Smith, but rather to announce that The Vanguard Follower will go on an indefinite hiatus. There seems to be a storm brewing and I’m ready to join my crew in hoisting our sails to catch the wind. That wind, dearest followers, leads out of town and past The Vanguard Follower itself.

There is a very good possibility that this blog could become a dump for more personal thoughts and ramblings, much like my neglected blog His Crooked Ways. But, that remains to be seen. So, as The Vanguard Follower’s domain expires today, I also retire everything this blog stood for to the annuls of history.

Onwards and upwards!

I’ll be seeing you all very soon…