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I bet you’re like me. I bet your Facebook feed has been filled with posts about Chick-fil-a and their support of anti-gay groups. I’m sure you also read about those brave Chick-fil-a supporters who stood in a line to eat greasy sandwiches and spitting them right into the eye of all those gays that ruin straight marriages.

Okay, perhaps that was a little much.

To be honest, I’ve had my fill of all of this nonsense. So what if this chicken chain doesn’t like the gays? That’s their fault as a corporation. They have chosen to base their business model on medieval theology, and they’ll have to live with that.

And with the constant threat of the Black Death.

I’m sick of seeing posts and status updates on my Facebook about how it is no surprise that a Christian-based company hates gay people. I think I am more shocked that people assume every Christian is a Bible thumping, gay hatin’ bigot. And to top it all off, many of these posts come from Christians.

It seems that this topic has brought out the idiot in everyone, including myself. I have wasted hours of precious thought time to the merits of a Christian chicken joint. You know that it’s a sad day when dedication and devotion is measured in how many sandwiches you can eat. If eating chicken sandwiches were a measure of patriotism, I should have a statue dedicated to me in D.C. by now.

The whole point of this post is to announce that I am done with Facebook. This whole Chick-fil-a nonsense was the final straw that broke my social media camel’s back. I can’t stand it anymore. Dark is the day when we take to arguing over a shitty chicken shack instead of debating more serious issues.

So, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be getting back to what matters most: Family, friends, writing and comic books. You can have your Facebook and your chicken sandwiches. I’m out.