Today, there won’t be a post. Sure, sure, I know, I am making a post right now. But, here I won’t be writing anything of length or wit.

On Saturday my family was sideswiped. My Uncle Rob, my mother’s brother, died suddenly at the age of 48. From early reports, it seems that he had a heart attack. So, obviously, it hit us from left field.

I’ve been wanting to write a proper piece on my uncle and about life as I’ve seen it these past few days. But, every time I sit down to write it, my mind goes blank. After consulting my friend, Greg, I’ve come to realize that perhaps now is not the best time to write about life.

I still have learning to do.

This week will be a hard one, for both me and my family. But, I hope to keep up on my posts. As I told my wife a few days ago, I am going to keep on doing what I’ve been doing. I’d rather be thinking about my uncle while writing a post than thinking about him while sitting and doing nothing.

We’ve all got to keep on doing what we were doing, and that’s what I plan on doing. To best honor a hard working man like my uncle, we must keep working and keep living. In the end, that is the only way we all gain immortality, one that’s in the memories of those we loved the most.

I love you, Uncle Rob. I don’t think I’ve ever got to say that.