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There are companies you keep because they are good. There are others you rid yourself of because they are bad. There are still others that you keep because they are just the right amount of bad that you’re looking for.

That’s the problem Mitt Romney has with Bane.

Every large city has a Wall Street. Usually that street houses the financial heart of the city and usually that heart is diseased and dying. Right in the middle of that disease sat Mitt Romney, astride a pile of money gained from blood and thuggery. All of this thanks to Bane.

Where once Romney would proudly associate himself with Bane’s capital, he now avoids even the mention of the name Bane. But, Bane has not forgotten about Romney.

When it comes to Bane, he never forgets.

It is a desperate day when you bring Bane into your office. He is seen as the end all be all to any and every problem you may have. The combination of brains and brawn that Bane possesses will ensure that your problems will be solved, one way or another. But, most don’t realize that Bane is nothing but a problem consolidator. He takes all of your problems and bundles them up into one neat package — a Venom-fueled package.

It seems that this will follow Romney all the way to the general election, and he can’t shake it. Not even The Batman can shake it. Usually, remaining in the public light would keep him safe for a while. But, when dealing with a force such Bane, there is no place that’s safe.

It would be in Romney’s best interest to fess up to his Bane problem now. If not, his troubles will spiral out of his control and his being in the public eye won’t be enough to keep him safe anymore. There are some men who just want to watch the world burn, and they don’t care who else sees it smolder. Not even if it’s the national media.

You’ve been warned, Romney.