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Obamacare, Obamacare, I remember when I used to care. I remember I was so passionate about this law. I argued it and stewed over it. But, I found that as time dragged on and the more other people argued for and against it, the less I felt like arguing it.

The Affordable Care Act doesn’t really effect me that much. I already had health insurance before hand and I still have it now. But, I saw what it could be, or what I thought it should be.

It is no secret that I am in support of socialized medicine. I think that it would be a great relief to us as a nation to have a medical system in place that is virtually painless to use and open to everyone who needs it. We could, with proper medical coverage for all, possibly prevent serious illnesses and give those looking for care a good chance at receiving it, regardless of their income or social status.

At one time, I thought that the ACA was a step in that direction, except for one part of it — the individual mandate. For some reason, this mandate irked me. The ACA, as I saw it, was meant to be the first step towards a future system of socialized medicine funded by taxes. (Hell, we use our taxes for idiotic things, so why not for something as good as medicine?)

But, a mandate to force people to buy health insurance? The whole point of this, as I saw it, was to help those who cannot afford it by giving them numerous options to buy into healthcare. It wasn’t to force them into buying something that they may not be able to afford or want. And then we’re going to claim that penalty as a tax?

How about we use our tax system for something other than thuggery? How about we scrap all of this healthcare reform and create a new plan that creates a social medical system? Perhaps we set up one set tax rate, a legitimate tax, that applies to all those with a taxable income? Replace the medicare / medicaid taxes with this social medicine tax?

I don’t know how it would work nor do I claim to be an expert on this matter. I know some of you will say that a socialized medical system would be just like the individual mandate. But, I’m just a man with an opinion, like most of you in this country. But, I figure that if we’re going to be spending money, we’d might as well spend it on something worthwhile. If this social medicine system doesn’t work, we can just be done with it.

That’s the beauty of America.