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The walls in the commons area were smeared with blood and shit. Granted, that isn’t a stretch for a normal day at the Morning Hill Hospital’s Psychiatric Ward. But, this day was not your normal day and this was not your normal blood-laden shit.

Somebody gave these patients bath salts.

We’re lucky there were only five patients on the floor that day. Lucky in the sense that we didn’t have to euthanize more people that that. God knows I can barely live with myself now. Imagine if the number of dead were twenty or thirty? You can’t cover that up.

Gertrude, the window watcher, broke first. She began clawing and scratching at her skin like an ape scratches it’s asshole. He nails left bloody streaks down her cheeks as she dug in deeper. All the while she continued to grunt like a banshee in heat.

Hank fell next. Being a schizophrenic with delusions of grandeur anyway, it didn’t take him long to strip naked and shit in his hands. He climbed a table and began to shout, “Come forth! You have been knighted!” He used his shit for a sword and aimed for everyone’s shoulders.

Penny and Perry took a little longer. They were what we called our “weekend couple.” To escape the horrors of the normal, cruel world, they’d check into the ward on the weekends and enjoy the “fine company” of the legally insane. They both suffered from depression, so the salts made them more morose. When they broke, they stripped naked and began to grind on each other like two teens with parental problems. All the while they were sobbing.

Rudy was the one we all feared. He snapped as a child and broke a teacher’s face over a desk in middle school. The only reason he got off and got life in the ward was because of a slick lawyer and rich parents. We all knew that, in the throws of a bath salt frenzy, he’d be the one we couldn’t control.

And we were right.

Rudy stripped naked and his skin was a candy apple red. He grabbed a chair and plunged it through Perry’s back while he was in the middle of a pelvic thrust. Penny gave out a skin crawling scream and started to laugh as she rubbed Perry’s blood and innards all over her nude frame.

“Begone, mongol scum,” Hank cried out as he threw the remainder of his poo supply at Rudy. He ran over and took shelter behind Gertrude as Rudy approached. Hank hoped that the smell of Gertrude’s blood would mask his scent for just long enough for him to made his escape.

Hank was beat to death by Gertrude’s limp frame.

We had to put those left alive down like lame horses. Well, all except for Rudy. He escaped through a window and headed for downtown. I would has forgotten about him if I hadn’t seen him on the news later that day, chewing on a hobo’s unwashed face…