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There is nothing more depressing than waking up on a Monday morning to find that your weekend was complete shit. That’s how “The Mondays” happen. It isn’t the Monday itself, but rather Friday to Sunday that pisses in the rest of your week’s Wheaties. But, I can’t say my weekend was shitty.

Screw you for not having a good weekend.

But, as I sit here early Monday morning, my day finally went to shit. It seems that there is this turd of a film called Twilight and it seems that it has an impossibly large following despite its medocrity. It also seems that the creator of this wet fart is open to having this thing remade a mere five years after its creation.

Mind you, this shouldn’t surprise me in the least. Twilight has, by creation, been nothing but a money vortex, sucking the pockets of every teen and tween girl with a sick need for attention dry. This is just sad.

Perhaps this is just an example of how bland and unoriginal Hollywood has become. To even think about the possibility of rebooting a film before its even finished its run in the theaters is beyond money hungry. It tells the moviegoer that not only did we fuck up the movie(s) the first time around, but we want you to pay for it again so we can do it right. Maybe.

Stephanie Meyer, if you’re reading this, let this idea leave your head and let your hands move on to better things. The world didn’t need four movies of dramatic glancess, mouth breathing and teenage indecision before, and it sure as hell doesn’t need four more so you can line your 401k a little more.

Now that I’ve shared my contagious case of the Mondays, you’ve caught it, too.