Today is the day…

For those of you who don’t know, or who care to know, as you are reading this, I am at the hospital with my wife. We are waiting on the birth of our daughter, Abigail. This is about to be the most frightening and exciting experience of my life.

To be honest, I am scared to death. I don’t want to see my wife in pain of any kind especially pain that was caused by me. (Now is not the time for me to explain the “birds and the bees” to you. Contact a physician if you remain confused as to what this process entails.) I am afraid I will not know how to care for my baby, although I know that this fear is irrational and that it will come naturally But, if it doesn’t, my wife has been there and done that before.

But, I am more excited than anything else. I see Abigail as the beginning of something new and exciting for me and my soon to be complete family. I believe that she will be that new spark to get the fire going in me again, both productively and creatively. All I care about is caring for my kids and having them care and take pride in their dad.

Today is the start of a new day and the first pen stroke on a fresh page. I can’t wait to teach my little girl new things and show her the world. But, I must start with today. I must start by saying, “Hello, I’m your dad. I love you.”