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I love The Killers. I figured that would be a good way to start out. They have been one of my favorite bands that are actually still playing music! But, it made me sad to hear that the band had gone on hiatus recently. It is understandable though, seeing they have constantly been on tour or recording music for the past six years!

Well, all the them are taking a break except Brandon Flowers, the band’s lead singer.

Months ago, it was announced on The Killers’ website that there was a new solo project from flowers coming called Flamingo. Recently, the first single from that album came out called “Crossfire”. Well, it was well worth the wait.

The single brings me back to Sam’s Town. As opposed to Hot Fuss, Sawdust, or Day & Age, Sam’s Town stuck out as a solid album. With hits like “When You Were Young” and “Bones”, the album was a really good listen. It seems that Flowers has tapped back into that vein that was lost after Sam’s Town.

The video is quite entertaining, starring Charlize Theron as the heroin that must save Flowers from a band of ninjas about three times. What it has to do with the song, I don’t know, but I am glad Flowers grew back his mustache for this album. Maybe that was what he was missing.

Hot Fuss – No mustache

Sam’s Town – Mustache

Sawdust – No mustache

Day & Age – No mustache

This will be the single of my summer. It’s just a shame the album won’t be the soundtrack to my summer, because of its fall release date of September 14th release date. I give the track four out of five stars.