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I was never really an early, doo wop Beatles fan before The Beatles: Rock Band. I will hold my hand up there.

I recently purchased “Please Please Me [Remastered]” to feed my lust to listen to “I Saw Her Standing There”, “Boys”, “Do You Want To Know A Secret”, and “Twist and Shout”. What I have to say is this, I wish I could find the mono version of this album. There are two tracks on the album, “Love Me Do” and “P.S. I Love You”, that are in mono. According to the historical notes, the original stereo tracks for these two songs were discarded and only the mono versions survive today. Knowing what we know now about The Beatles, as they didn’t know back in 1963, what that the fans of the band yearn for anything from the world’s greatest pop group.  What a cardinal sin they have committed!

Being a fan of The Doors 40th Anniversary Remasters, I was sure that I would instantly love these, and I did. However, there was more they could do.

The Beatles were one of the biggest bands in rock history. In being so, I would have expected something more from the remasters. When The Doors remastered their six studio albums, each album contained demo versions of some songs and alternate versions of others. To me, this give an interesting insight into how the albums were put together and what went into getting an album “just right”. I know, especially with later Beatles albums and the existence of bootlegs such as “The Beatles: Black Album” and The Beatles Anthology which contain alternate versions and outtakes from recording secessions, there could have more that the public hasn’t heard yet that would give the new generations of Beatle-maniacs.

However, the main complaint about the new remasters is this: To own both the stereo and mono versions of all the albums, you will be paying upwards of around $500 for both sets because they weren’t released together in one set. But, if you were to purchase your favorite Beatles album(s), I would feel you wouldn’t be disappointed by the sound.

Besides, it is The Beatles we are talking about! How can you go wrong when you are number 1?